Return to Play – 18 July 2020

We’re Back!

We take the health and safety of our members seriously and have important information to share with you ahead of Game Day. To ensure an enjoyable day of footy for our players, spectators and club officials, please read this thoroughly.

We appreciate your support in following the guidelines and protocols set out by the NSW Government and NSW Rugby League.



  • GO TO DARRYL. DO NOT PASS GO. On arrival, report to Darryl Beitsch, our COVID-19 Safety Officer.
    • Hands sanitisation
    • Attendance recording
  • TURN UP, PLAY, TAKE OFF. Players should arrive ready to play (clothing, boots and mouth guard). Please do not stay at the ground after your game.
    • LABELLED WATER BOTTLES. Please ensure your water bottle is labelled, easily identified and close-by. Drink breaks have been added to the match schedule.
    • Trainers are not allowed to run water onto the field
    • No sharing of personal equipment, water bottles or DH & FR vests are permitted.
    • Half-timeĀ fruit is permitted.
  • THUMBS UP OR ELBOW BUMPS ONLY. No spitting, handshakes or high fives.
    • See Darryl againĀ for hand sanitiser before you quickly depart the ground.
  • #RESPECT. This program promotes a positive environment for all Rugby League participants and spectators. Through showing #RESPECT both on and off the field we can encourage more people to enjoy the greatest game of all!
    • SMILE and HAVE FUN! Look out for the Stags camera capturing the day!


  • 2 PER CHILD. Spectators are limited to 2 per child.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING. Please keep 1.5m apart at all times and stay behind marked areas.
    • Social distancing is only relaxed for: participants at training and competing on field of play, family members from the same household, and when medical attention is required.
  • NO CANTEEN. We will not be opening the canteen on 18 July 2020.
  • STAY HOME IF YOU ARE ARE SICK. If you or player are feeling unwell or in mandated self-isolation, please stay home.